Juli 2014
Zomercamp van 2 tot 8 augustus
Het regionaal Tibetan youth congress organiseerd een voetbal competitie op "het Rooi" van 20 tot 23 augustus.

Zaterdag 26 juli organiseerd RTYC een wafelbak en smoothies, aan de lange wapper op de Meir in Antwerpen, ten bate van een Schooltje voor dove kinderen in Nepal.

Are you going to do some shopping in Antwerp this Saturday? Come and see us at the Wapper square on the Meir and support our school for deaf children in Nepal


Tibetans in India, Nepal cautioned against traveling to Europe for Asylum


Je kind naar een boeddhistisch klooster in India laten vertrekken. Sabine Foubert deed het, uit liefde. In het volgende BoeddhaMagazine (11 juli in de winkel) een uitgebreid interview.


Tibet and the Future of Asia: Strategic Issues for the U.S., India, and the World

Gepubliceerd op 7 mei 2012

As the Obama administration pursues its "Asia pivot," Tibet is taking on increased strategic significance due to its importance as a source of water and minerals, the militarization of the Tibetan plateau and the Sino-Indian border, Chinese influence in Nepal, and Beijing's insistence on deference to its control of Tibet as a "core interest." The series of self-immolations by Tibetans over the past year demonstrates that 60 years of Communist Chinese occupation has not succeeded in destroying Tibetans' identity and desire for freedom. This still unfolding unrest and the democratization of the Tibetan government-in-exile make imperative a review of international policies.


Moving forward, what role will Tibet play in the region's peace and security? Do the U.S. and India have the right policies in place for Tibet? What policies is China pursuing in response to recent events and in anticipation of the future? What are the prospects for achieving the autonomy the Dalai Lama seeks? Can Tibetan Buddhism and democracy provide a bridge between Tibetans and Chinese?


Discussing these vital questions will be Brahma Chellaney of the Centre for Policy Research; Michael J. Green of the Center for Strategic and International Studies; Lodi G. Gyari, special envoy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama; and Ambassador Lalit Mansingh, former Indian Foreign Secretary. FPI Director of Democracy and Human Rights Ellen Bork will moderate the discussion.

(spreekt voor zichzelf, een correcte visie van het panel)


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Teaching Announcement

We would like to inform that there will be teachings by His Holiness the 41th Sakya Gongma Rinpoche on July 5th and July 6th 2014 in Antwerp, Belgium, to the faithfully unshakable devotees all over the world, without discriminations of faiths, traditions and sectaries.

With extended efforts to fulfill the wishes of the disciples, the members of Sakya Teachings Preparation Committee in Belgium, the Sakya Gotrik Thuntsok, have requested His Holiness to give teachings to the devotees both in the country and from outside during his visit to Europe.

Consequently, we would like to ask all the devotees to attend the teachings on time and get the blessings thereby.

No entrance fee will be charged on these days. No reservations are to be made. Nevertheless the announcing of your participation using the form in CONTACT will be highly appreciated.


5th July 2014

9:00 am / 10:00 am Arrival in the hall,

(Schijnpoortweg 55, 2060 Antwerpen)

Welcome ceremony

10:00 am Teachings of Bodhisattva vows, formation of an enlightened attitude


01:00 0pm / 1:30 pm Meeting the devotees in the hall

02:00 pm / 2:30 pm Introduction to Buddhism and Consacrations, Commandment, turning and dispelling of evil influences and obstacles

6:00 pm Tibetan singing and dance performance for Rinpoche

6th July 2014

10:00 am Mourning prayers for the Tibetan martyrs and dedication,

Teachings and empowerment of Long Life

02:00 pm Granting empowerment of Tara and introduction to Buddhism in English

Note: on the 5th Saturday, we prepare a free dinner and tea for everyone in the hall, Schijnpoortweg 55, 2060 Antwerpen



Note: on the 5th saturday, we will prepare a dinner and tea for everyone in the hall.

contact nr: 0487856313 / 0486167943


Chokling Memorial Center


Chokling Deychok Tsok Puja, on 28 June 2014

At Tibetan Institute Temple Kruispadstraat 33, 2900 Schoten

with Special lottery, click on image for a larger one

Chokling special lottery


De Verjaardag van HH Karmapa, Urgyen Thinley Dorje, word gevierd in het Zurman Kagyud centrum te Antwerpen op donderdag 26 juni 2014


HH Karmapa
HH Karmapa

Zurmang Kagyud center, Lange Beeldekensstraat 144, 2060 Antwerpen.

Contact: Lu Demaere / Pasang Dorjee

0484755368 - 0485497888 klik op afbeeldingen voor groot formaat.


Subject: Visit Dilgo Kyentse Yangsi to Belgium
Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche

Depuis son plus jeune âge, Khyentsé Yangsi Rinpotché a reçu toutes les transmissions majeures telles que le Kaboum de Dilgo Khyentsé Rinpotché, le Damngag Zöd, le Nyingma Kama, le Nyingthig Yabzhi, le Nyingthig Tsapö, le Rinchen Terzöd, le Nyingma Gyuboum, le Dudjom Tersar et d'autres, principalement de Trulshig Rinpotché, Pénor Rinpotché et Taklung Tsétrul Rinpotché. Il a reçu la plupart des transmissions orales de Rabjam Rinpotché et de Namkhé Nyingpo Rinpotché.
Khyentsé Yangsi Rinpotché a maintenant terminé sa formation. Il assume entièrement la direction des cérémonies de drupchen qui se tiennent annuellement au monastère de Shétchen au Népal, ainsi que celles qui ont lieu, sous les auspices de la Reine Mère du Bhoutan, à Paro et au Boumtang (Bhoutan).
Programme de la visite à Bruxelles
Mercredi 2 juillet à 20h00 – enseignement : "Comment libérer notre esprit"
Jeudi 3 juillet à 20h00 – Initiation de Tara verte (terma de Dilgo Khyentsé Rinpotché). Tara, « La libératrice », personnifie l'activité éveillée de tous les Bouddhas.
Se manifestant sous différents aspects, elle protège promptement le pratiquant de la peur et des souffrances de l'existence cyclique.
Informations pratiques pour Bruxelles

Inscriptions : Inscription préalable souhaitée. Merci d'adresser ici votre demande d'inscription.
Participation aux frais : enseignement mercredi 2/7 - 15€ ; initiation jeudi 3/7 - 30€.
Adresse - Rue de Livourne 111, 1050 Bruxelles - tél 02/648.14.07 ou 0475/57.21.32
Il est conseillé d'apporter son coussin de méditation, le temple en disposant en nombre limité.